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Help us document our history by sharing your story

Phillips Brooks House Association has touched thousands of lives, from the college students who volunteered to those who were served. By sharing your story, you can help us tell our history.

Don't know where to start? Here are some suggestions:

  • What brought you to PBHA?
  • How were you involved at PBHA?
  • What do you do now and how has PBHA influenced your journey?

... and here are some writing tips:

Make it personal! This project is about PBHA community members sharing their experiences with other people. Don’t just talk broadly about the work you did or do — talk about yourself, a family member, friend, etc.

Keep it brief (about 400 words) so that people will be able to read your story and share it with others.

Upload a photo if you have one. 
A picture can illustrate what words cannot.

Note: Stories are screened, so they will not appear immediately. PBHA reserves the right to edit stories for length, spelling and grammar, and to protect the privacy of minors.